Review: A Day To Remember Live: Cardiff Motorpoint Arena

Pop-punkers A Day To Remember at their live show in Cardiff.

Fans of pop-punk rejoice, because Florida rockers A Day To Remember are back and more ferocious than ever. I traveled to the bright lights of Cardiff, Wales, for my girlfriend’s birthday to watch the boys from ADTR and their support storm the stage in a flurry of bright lights and heavy riffs.

As someone who has never really followed the band, I can say that it will surely change after having the opportunity to see the tour-de-force of punk glory. Supported by Mooseblood, Neck Deep and New Found Glory (who are still touring after 20 years in the industry), there was something to whet everyone’s appetites.

As we pushed our way through the doors into the packed room, we managed to get the chance to catch the end of Neck Deep. Personally I am not a fan, and seeing them live didn’t do that any justice, but I noticed a plethora of people wearing brightly coloured fan shirts and sporting Neck Deep snapback caps. Obviously there is just something I am missing.

By the time New Found Glory hit the stage I was starting to feel the anticipation and excitement in the air, as someone who is familiar with a few songs by the well-known quartet I was thrilled to see them rattle off some of their best hits including the cover of “Kiss Me“. But nothing could prepare me for what came next…

Opening with the incredible “Mr Highway’s Thinking About The End“, and dropping confetti and glitter over the screaming crowd, the boys in ADTR have already got every person in the room in the palm of their hands. As the tour is showcase music from their latest album “Bad Vibrations” there was the inevitable performances of songs like “Paranoia” and “Bad Vibrations“, which seemed to strike an even more positive chord with some fans (excuse the pun).

As the set progressed, and the crowd got even more rowdy, fan favourites of “I’m Made of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?” and “Have Faith In Me” sent shivers down my spine. The fist-pumping riffs and catchy choruses had the crowds singing at the top of their lungs (including my girlfriend).

A Day To Remember seem to have the perfect way of having you throw yourselves into the mosh pit whilst tapping your toes to the rhythm, and for a live band, their sound was incredible. As well as some great interactions with the crowd, the five-piece really know how to put on a show.

Since I have discovered they will be playing the main stage at Download this year, I think I will probably make my way to Donnington Castle!

A must see band!

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