Review: Indigo Child

A brand new electronic duo that show potential for great things. We were given exclusive, advanced access to their first two singles...

Very rarely do the first songs by a group show the maturity and musicianship of these guys.

Singer-songwriter-producers Zac Pajak and Connor Mac bring you Indigo Child; a soulful, electronic sound that is sure to progress onto big things in the very near future.

Both members were involved in previous projects when they met in the skiing resort of Verbier, Switzerland. They still write, rehearse and record there; they find it the best place to find inspiration.

They bring us two songs, both oozing with potential and personality that could see them achieve great things in the business.

“It’s an experimental project for us,” said Zac, “where we can push ourselves out of our comfort zones of what we’re used to creating and exploring the endless possibilities of where our love of so much different music can take us.”

‘Good as Gold’ (released on 4th November) is up first; a summer anthem-sounding piece that hooks you in with its sultry tones, pounding beat and clever use of distortion.

Clap along with Mac’s singing where he explores summer in the city, opening with “the city life, summer breeze, here we are, you and me.”

It has a real Snakehips vibe to it; it is euphoric, sensual, and soothing. It is the perfect song for a summer party.

Their second single, ‘Drive Away,’ which is due for release on 11th November, is a much slower, chilled number that has a certain feel of Phaeleh; minimalist, but compelling and very well put together.

Featuring the beautiful voice of Swiss singer-songwriter Helo May, ‘Drive Away’ is vulnerable in itself, “with no place to go home” wailed in the first verse, the protagonist of this story is pleading with their partner to make a fresh start.

“We can start over, doing anything alone, drive away” perfectly summarises the message of the song.

About two minutes in, the soulful guitar solo comes into play taking it to a new level, and that is there for the rest of this beautifully produced piece.

“Indigo Child is all about making chill songs and having some fun,” Mac said, and that is exactly what they have done.

We may only have two tracks by the duo at the moment, but those songs are strong, mature and a marker for them to build upon. If this is them starting out, who knows where they could progress to.

They have said they are working on how to put it into a live show and hope to be touring soon; these are definitely one to look out for next year.

‘Good as Gold’ is out now, go check it out! It is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, and soon to be on Spotify.



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