Album Review: Angel Olsen – My Woman

We give you the lowdown on Angel Olsen's latest album "My Woman"

Angel Olsen is a solo artist from Missouri and an extremely talented young woman!

Despite Angel being around since 2009, there’s a strong sense of accomplishment throughout this entire album. The production is breathtakingly slick, we can’t quite explain it, but it just sounds like this album has been ever so lovingly crafted. My Woman is the product of blood, sweat and tears. You can just tell Angel has worked hard to get herself to this point and My Woman is definitely not one of those albums that’s just been carelessly put out there in the hopes of making a quick buck.

My Woman kicks things off with a track called “Intern” which features Angel contorting her voice in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways, leaving us the listener in a state of sheer fascination. These vocals are accompanied by a continuous humming bass line, which only serves to strengthen the track’s appeal further. Then it all goes a bit 80’s, descending into a rather pleasant synth outro. It’s short and sweet at two minutes and 45 seconds, but it works incredibly well as an opening track, a taster of what’s to come.

Shut Up Kiss Me is easily the album’s most accessible track, but my personal favourite and I cannot finish this review without giving it a mention is Sister. It starts slow with a sunny summery vibe just oozing from its foundations and by the end we’re brought into this chaotic guitar solo that just hits you like a whirlpool of emotions. Sister isn’t just a song, it’s a once in a lifetime adventure, a nostalgic look over old photos.

The album as a whole isn’t perfect, are a few disinteresting moments, but there’s enough good stuff on here to make you forgive its shortcomings and the album’s highlights are all quite nicely spread out. That’s important, because far too often artists seem to know what their best tracks are and they’ll put them all at the beginning of the album, which has never really made much sense… So yes we’d say if you find yourself at a loose end, put your feet up, relax and check out Angel Olsen’s My Woman!

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