Review: Nadia Sheikh – No.24

Nadia Sheikh ramps up the rock in her new single No.24, drawing you in with catchy riffs and taking you on a journey with playful lyrics.

When you think about the sounds that hail from Nadia Sheikh’s home town of Valencia, Spain, you think traditional folk and the sweet sounds of the Spanish guitar, perhaps whilst gently sipping on some vino tinto. As delightful as that may sound, it’s probably the British half of Nadia’s roots that we have to thank for the rocking sounds of her new single No.24, dropping this Thursday.

Following on from her debut EP 50 Feet, Nadia’s new single takes on a rockier undertone, which, if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing her live, resonates strongly on stage. The intro to No.24 reeks of attitude, delving deeper into Nadia’s dark side, it’s a welcomed addition to Nadia’s overall sound and a great example of her maturity as an artist.

Nadia has a notable ability to tell her story through her music and No.24 is no exception. Her playful lyrics help guide you through the song, whilst the catchy riffs that will leave you annoying everybody you come across as you find yourself humming it hours later.

For this single Nadia has ramped up her distinctly indie rock sound which blends in perfectly with her sweet voice. At times Nadia could go even further with this, letting loose on those vocal chords would give the song a greater substance and you don’t doubt for one second it’s within her capability.

In many ways it is a continuation of Nadia’s previous records, toe-tappingly catchy and gloriously accessible. What is now apparent in No.24 is an extra dollop of grit, backed up by sharp production and clean vocals from Nadia, giving her more of an identity which her audience can relate to.

It’s certainly a step in the right direction for an undeniably talented and aspiring artist. Certainly, if Nadia can harness her on stage intensity in her production, cultivating the raw energy she possesses it will be very exciting indeed. We look forward to what’s to coming next, Nadia.

You can catch Nadia at Upstairs at the Garage at the launch for her new single No.24 in London on Thursday 22 September. Keep your eyes peeled on Twitter for a chance to win tickets.

Nadia’s single No.24 will be available to download from Spotify, iTunes and Amazon from Thursday 22 September.

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