Album Review: Bastille – Wild World

So Bastille are BACK with their second album "Wild World" and it is one they should be proud about. I expect big things to come from this album.

So, Bastille are BACK with their second album Wild World. It’s been a long time coming since Bad Blood was released in 2013 but, the wait is over. Wild World contains many catchy songs, perfect for events such as Reading and Leeds and other feel good musical happenings. The new album released on the 9th September 2016 shows exactly where Bastille are going  and how they can truly improve from album to album and single to single.

When asked to compare the two albums, it’s clear that they both contain hit singles, Pompeii and Things We Lost In The Fire immediately spring to mind, there are similarities in a few songs from the new album that definitely have the potential to go above and beyond all their previous material’s achievements. Good Grief, Power and Send Them Off! are real contenders that you should definitely keep an eye out for as they climb the charts.

With such a unique sound it won’t be long until they shoot up the charts and reach the top 5 in the UK album charts. Many of these songs, if you listen closely to the lyrics, can tell us exactly how much this album means to the group and, the emotions put in to each single come from the heart. This is how songs should be written, with meaningful lyrics, not just words that rhyme but make no sense at all.

We expect big things to come from this album. Having already made it on to Fifa 17 with Send Them Off we imagine that to be the most successful single from the album, closely followed by the other, formerly mentioned, two. The first album was at No. 1 for three non-consecutive weeks, we think Wild World stands a good chance of equalling that if not going smashing it out of the park.

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