PLAYLIST: Manchester Pride: Sunday

The playlist for Manchester Pride on Sunday

After a Saturday at Manchester Pride, we’re super excited for another day of excellent music. So, we’ve put together another brilliant playlist for you, showcasing the talent that’s available to you throughout the day. The main stage is smashing today… Enjoy!

Frankmusik – Confusion Girl

Oh 2009, it’s hard to think that it’s been seven years since you… even harder to think it’s been that long since Frankmusik came into our lives with that absolute banger 3 Little Words. We haven’t gone for that one in our selection today, but that’s only because we think this gem Confusion Girl, is even better.

Victors – Two Hearts 

Indie pop galore here, all the way from Leeds, they’ll be sure to get your head bopping and will definitely ensure you’re in the mood to singalong for the rest of the evening. They’ve been picking up quite a lot of attention, obviously in Leeds, but also by the likes of Radio X, so there set will definitely be an interesting one that’s for sure.

Shura – What’s It Gonna Be 

Shura has been absolutely blowing up recently, especially after the release of her debut album Touch. Why, it almost unquestionable, she creates glossy, dreamy pop music to die for and what’s even better is that there seems to be an incredibly relatable story behind each and every one of her tracks. If you miss this set, then we really think you need to question your life choices.

Will Young – Switch It On 

Will Young, I think everyone’s a little bit excited to see him really aren’t they? Anyone who says otherwise must be lying… and they must be lying again if they say they don’t want him to perform his old material, even the slow stuff…. Leave Right Now, All Time Love… even Evergreen, let’s be honest: we’d all be pretty happy. Switch It On is one of his more upbeat bangers of the old days to get you in the mood.

Fleur East – Sax in the City 

Another act to come out of Simon Cowell’s musical talent show world is Fleur East. This track Sax has been completely unavoidable though hasn’t it, which means it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. Crowd pleasers make for a great atmosphere and what more do you want on a Sunday evening?

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