Listen: New single from Rave the Reqviem – ‘Mono Heart’

New song 'Mono Heart' from industrial metal band Rave the Reqviem is a perfect slice of metal, electronic and symphonic!

The first thing that strikes attention about Rave the Reqviem is the fact that the vocals are shared between the mother/son team of Carola and Filip Lonnqvist… very unique indeed! 

Founded in 2011, Filip released two songs followed by two self-released demos during 2012 and 2013 respectively and by mid 2014, they released their self-titled debut album.

Two years have passed and we now have some new material from a band who are very much on the up with headline tours in Eastern Europe and Russia, as well as some festival appearances in Sweden and the UK.

The beauty of metal is its extremely wide range of styles and sound. Death metal, heavy metal, nu-metal, doom metal…we even have Japanese pop metal now (Babymetal…We love you!). On the basis of this single ‘Mono Heart’, Rave the Reqviem live on the side of industrial/electronic/techno metal, with a good measure of symphonic metal thrown in for good measure thanks in large to Carola’s gorgeous vocals.

Hints of late era Linkin Park get the song going, before mechanised vocals from Filip give way to those stunning vocals from his mother. Backed by some tight guitar work and a pounding drum and bass backbone, the song is an excellent combination of heavy, electronic and big chorus, fists in the air power. Also, at just over 3 minutes long, it feels sonically urgent, professionally produced and well refined.

Even the video does a good job of showing us the dual nature of this band, combining darkness, light, chaos and beauty. Check it out!

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