Listen: No Joy’s new track ‘XO (Adam’s Getting Married)

No Joy release track 'XO (Adam's Getting Married) ahead of string of upcoming EP release

No Joy are a band full of conflictions, consequently making them near impossible to work out and not for a lack of trying, people have been ferociously trying to figure No Joy’s music out for around six years now. 

Their live shows are intensely energetic, something unexpected when you listen to their ethereal, indie music. They have a mature intelligence to their music that’s to be admired, sonically transgressive, No Joy know what they want, how they’re going to do it and low behold if someone tries to tell them differently.

Alongside sharing this new track, they’re announced the upcoming release of a series of EP’s to come throughout the rest of the year. First to grace our eardrums will be The Drool Sucker EP, set to be released via Top Shelf Records on July 15th.

XO (Adam’s Getting Married) is the first insight into The Drool Sucker EP, material that was recorded in a barn in Ontario with Graham Walsh (Viet Cong, Alvvays) and Brian Borcherdt, who make up the band Holy Fuck.

An energetic track, that’s possibly showcases vocalist Jasamine White-Gluz‘s vocal range to such a high degree. Listen below:

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