Review: Pharrell Williams – GIRL

Pharrell Williams enlists the help of some of his superstar pals on new album GIRL

Just when you thought Pharrell Williams couldn’t continue to dominate the music world anymore, he releases a new album that proves that he truly is an unstoppable force right now.

Following a bit of a quiet period after his first solo record In My Mind back in 2006, Pharrell smashed back into our lives last year with his Daft Punk collaboration, Get Lucky, and then the summer smash hit Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke made us realise just how much we missed him.

His solo smash, Happy, might have been for Despicable Me 2 but the world is so in love with everything Pharrell does that it is still dominating the airwaves months after its release.

So what does GIRL have to offer?

In his self-proclaimed “ode to women”, Pharrell focuses completely on his love for the female species starting with the upbeat Marilyn Monroe. There’s clearly a hint of Michael Jackson influence as the song gets going and it’s easy to see where the title of the album came from as he croons “girl” over and over again.

Kelly Osbourne leads her voice at the end of the song before the album moves to Pharrell’s first duet with a pal. As exciting as it is to hear him working with Justin Timberlake again, something about Brand New fails to excite.

Things take a slight turn with Gush as Pharrell gets a bit more sexual and seductive. This is a man that loves his women but in a way that doesn’t feel sleazy. Guessing he learnt his lesson from the Blurred Lines controversy.

Happy jumps into Come And Get It Bae with Miley Cyrus and they are both instantly standout tracks. Miley’s vocals are deep and husky in perfect compliment to Pharell. Everything about the track makes you want to partayyy.

We glide through the rest of the album with the beautiful Gust Of Wind, Lost Queen and Know Who You Are giving life-affirming, positive messages to women everywhere.

Alicia Keys brings to the class and elegance to Know Who You Are like only she can and then the album ends perfectly with It Girl which is so clearly about Pharrell’s wife.

This isn’t going to be the album of year but it will please Pharrell fans and those who love his current Motown throwback melodies. Let’s hope he doesn’t wait so long to release his next album!

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