Kendrick Lamar joins Imagine Dragons for 'Radioactive' remix

Following their amazing Grammys mashup, Imagine Dragons released official 'Radioactive' remix featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Following their epic Grammys performance, Imagine Dragons have released the Radioactive remix featuring rapper Kendrick Lamar.

While the Grammy awards had many memorable performances, I personally thought the m.A.A.D city/Radioactive mash up was possibly THE best moment of the night.

And it seems the band wisely anticipated that the performance might go down well with fans so they had an official remix ready to go out to the world a few hours later.The track features an intense verse from the talented rapper, which was debuted during the Grammys performance.

With the smash hit original version of ‘Radioactive’ going 6x platinum in the United States and has reaching over 125 million Youtube views, this track is sure to give it another boost of popularity.

The energy of the track definitely evokes the memory of when Jay Z teamed up with Linkin Park back in 2004. Isn’t there just something so exciting when two music genres collide into one?

While Kendrick failed to win any Grammys at the award ceremony on sunday night (January 26), Imagine Dragons had a great night bagging the award for Best Rock Performance.

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