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Latest Trailers (01/03/12)

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This week in trailer-land, we are given a tantalising glimpse into new Pixar animation Brave, Lily Cole may possibly have turned into a vampire in spooky horror The Moth Diaries and the old gang is back together again in American Reunion.


The Moth Diaries

After Twilight, Underworld, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (and every other film that has made reference to vampires in the last few years), if you still haven’t had enough of the bloodsucking beasts, then you may want to try The Moth Diaries. The film stars British model Lily Cole as the ethereal and possibly vampiric Ernessa, who turns up at the boarding school attended by Rebecca (Sarah Bolger) and proceeds to make her life a misery. It’s difficult to tell whether Ernessa has just taken a jealous dislike to Rebecca, or whether she is in fact a vampire looking to divide her from her friends and eventually suck her dry.

Neighborhood Watch

Comedy sci-fi Neighborhood Watch stars old favourites Jonah Hill, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and, for some reason, Richard Ayoade (star of British comedy shows The Mighty Boosh and The IT Crowd, as well as award winning director of Submarine). The film centres on a group of suburban dads who set up a neighbourhood watch to get some time away from their families, only to inadvertently discover an alien plot to destroy the Earth. Neighborhood Watch is being billed as comedy gold, but whether the crack team of comedy actors will gel with the sci-fi plot remains to be seen.

American Reunion

American Reunion is the latest instalment in the American Pie franchise. This time around the original stars are all grown up, some of them married, some of them with kids. They reunite in Great East Falls, Michigan for their high school reunion. Needless to say, they soon fall back into their teenage ways, getting drunk and chasing girls (and there’s probably an incident with a pie just for old times’ sake). American Reunion will be the 8th American Pie movie, following on from 2009’s American Pie Presents: The Book of Love.

A Thousand Words

In comedy A Thousand Words smooth talking Jack McCall (Eddie Murphy) lands himself in trouble when he goes back on a deal he made with a spiritual guru. A magical Bodhi tree appears in his garden, a tree which loses a leaf for every word he speaks. After being told that when the tree loses all its leaves he could die, Jack is left with only a thousand words to use for the rest of his life, forcing him to learn a valuable lesson about the consequences of every word he uses. Strongly reminiscent of other magical curse comedies (such as Liar Liar, in which the life of lawyer Jim Carey is turned upside down after he is made incapable of lying for one day) A Thousand Words will be a fairly typical but enjoyable comedy vehicle for Murphy.


In Pixar’s much-anticipated adventure film Brave, fiery redhead Princess Merida must save her mythical Scottish community from a terrible curse (and herself from an arranged marriage). In this latest trailer we can see her various suitors trying to win her in an archery competition, only for Merida to step in and compete for her own hand, putting all the other participants to shame. The trailer gives a glimpse of what looks like some truly impressive animation, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Brave (which features the vocal talents of Emma Thompson and Billy Connolly) were to follow in the entertaining footsteps of other Pixar greats such as Finding Nemo.

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