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Here's everything we know (or think we know) about DEADPOOL...

There has been a lot said about the movie adaptation of Deadpool but what is the real buzz surrounding the film? A big screen adventure for the violent, mentally unstable, foul-mouthed and down-right ridiculous mercenary with regenerative powers, big guns and sharp swords has been on the cards for a while so here is a run down of the few known facts and rumors surrounding Wade Wilson’s big film…


1. First off, after various different rumours flew around about which directors, including Robert Rodriguez, had been approach to helm the project, it has fallen into the hands of Tim Miller. Who? He has a resumé of short films and this looks to be his first move onto the big screen. His previous directing work includes that of short animation Rockfish, about a fishing trip on a remote planet that doesn’t turn out to be such a relaxing trip after all. He also had a hand in the visual effects of Scott Pilgrim which, with its comic book / video game stylings, gives hope that his previous work can help do justice to the craziness that is the world of Deadpool.

2. The screenplay is being adapted by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick – the team behind Zombieland and, strangely enough, G.I. Joe: Retaliation. With such writing talent there is hope for a decent action-packed script that will hopefully have just as many gags and lunacy as it does ass kicking.

3. The star of the film has long since been rumored to be Ryan Reynolds. With his performance of Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine he put on a strong and impressive show as the Merc-With-A-Mouth, giving fans a taste of what the real character may be like in a feature length outing. Reynolds has proved to be a strong favourite with fans and will undoubtedly attract more to the movie.

4. The movie will be an origins story. Now, the Wolverine origins movie was met with mixed responses from fans. Although it was the no-holds-barred all-out action flick fans wanted, it didn’t really keep to the comic book origins of Wolverine and used a few characters in a different way to how they were in the comic. To some this was disappointing, but for others it opened up the comic book world to them. With Deadpool, however, his origins have never really been explained in the comic books. His mental instability has made him forget most of his past and he can remember two alternative versions of his origins. It will be interesting to see what the movie-makers will do with it and which route they will take.

5. Production is set to begin at some point this year with rumors announcing it will be hitting the screens in 2014. Expect to see a lot of CGI work and action in this movie. Hopefully it wont get leaked early by impatient computer nerds without it being properly finished like Wolverine was.

With all that considered there are a few questions that the fans would like answered such as: will Bob Agent of Hydra be involved? Who will the villain be? Who will play the other characters? What will we learn about Wade ‘Deadpool’ Wilson? Only time will tell and we are more than excited for this comic book caper to be released. Keep your eyes peeled as more information is revealed…

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