Top 10 Video Games That Should Be Movies

We look at the video games we think should be made into movies...

Video games making a transition into the movie world has always been a bit of a sensitive issue with gamers and, quite often, a disappointment to movie fans. Do we really need to remind anyone of the movie adaptation of Doom with the first-person shooter-esque scene? Terrible. Or the bumbling shambles that was the Mario Brothers movie? But there are some game franchises out there that have done well in the movie genre. There are now almost as many Resident Evil movies as there are games and the Tomb Raider movies were met with a warm reception. With often complex story lines and engaging plots, video games can be a great source of inspiration for movie makers. So without further ado, here is a run down of ten video games we want to see adapted into movies…

Taken by Declan Jewell

10. Metal Gear Solid

A video game about a secret agent called Solid Snake who has to break his way into an Alaskan compound to stop nuclear weapons that are set to destroy the world. It sounds like the story line of a James Bond movie, but Solid Snake is a much more physical and imposing character. He isn’t the suave character that James Bond is but more the smash and punch of Jason Bourne. It could prove to be an action packed shoot ’em up!

9. The Legend Of Zelda

This is a true fantasy game revolving around Link trying to rescue the Princess Zelda from the perils that she finds herself in. As a fantasy film the audience could expect to see something a bit like Lord of The Rings but hopefully it wouldn’t be so boring and long-winded. Fights against huge monsters throughout the movie in 3D could be a massive draw.

8. God of War

A cursed Spartan goes on a rampage against Ares, the God of war, who threatens to destroy Athens. It would be something like Clash of The Titans but with a lot more violence, anger and blood. The logical choice for the bald-headed protagonist is Jason Statham to take on the God of war.

7. Halo

This sci-fi shooter about genetically engineered super soldiers fighting aliens sounds like a great idea for a movie. It has been done similarly before but attaching the Halo franchise name to it and story line could prove hugely successful and, if done right, enjoyable. There have been rumours and scripts linked to a possible movie adaptation of the game for a while, with Peter Jackson linked to helm the production.

6. The Secret Of Monkey Island

Pirate movies have been done to death with the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise being three movies too long. Here it would be adapting the misadventure of Guybrush Threepwood trying to win over the governess of a Caribbean Island from a ghost pirate named LeChuck. It is less about swashbuckling and action and more about comedy. If the game’s adaptation followed the same formula then it would be a sure fire hit just like the game.

5. Alan Wake

A psychological thriller game centred around a writer named Alan Wake trying to find his missing wife in an eerie American town whilst experiencing scenes form his latest book. A psychological thriller is always a great base for a movie and if this was adapted to the big screen the only man who would be able to do it is Martin Scorsese.

4. Football Manager

If they can turn Battleships into a movie why not Football Manager? It could be an underdog story of a struggling league team that rises through the ranks to success. Maybe it could break the mould of other football films and be a success.

3. Uncharted

This popular game, following the adventure of treasure hunter Nathan Drake, has all the elements of a successful action adventure film. A bit of action, a bit of adventure, a bit of romance for the ladies and, of course, plenty of mystery to keep the audience captivated. It would struggle to beat Indiana Jones on this front but could be the modern day equivalent and give the old man a run for his money.

2. Gears of War

Set on a planet out in space, a war wages between humans and a race of creatures known as Locust. A film adaptation would offer action, adventure and some of the most gory deaths of baddies ever. This would certainly not be a first date film but more like if 300 met Alien and had a strange child.

1. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood is one of the most enjoyable games ever made. The film adaptation of this could be a work of art. As much about action and assassination as it could be about romance and mystery. The story would revolve around Desmond Miles who is plugged into a machine and reliving an ancestor (Ezio Auditore)’s, life. It would be a complex story line to tackle in a movie and would have to include elements from the first game but, if done properly, there could be queues outside cinemas everywhere followed by grown men and women wearing their hoods up trying to jump over walls.

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