News and Rumours Round-Up (26/02/12)

Read what happened this week in movie land here!!

It may be the Oscars today but let’s not forget what else happened this week in the world of movies! This was the week that…

  • The Dictator got banned from The Oscars… well Sacha Baron Cohen wasn’t allowed to attend as the title character of his new film… but he now apparently has tickets. Will the Dictator attend? Time will tell!
  • Edgar Wright is set to direct Johnny Depp in The Night Stalker! Yay!
  • James Bond 23, aka Skyfall, will see Bond step well and truly into the 21st century and will be the first Bond to be screened in IMAX. Who bought their tickets before reading the end of the sentence?
  • Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will play Hercules.
  • Lastly, John Carter premiered this week! Are you excited for the film? Let us know on Twitter! In the meantime, watch a clip from the movie below!
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