Jabberwock: Dragon Siege (2011) – Film Review

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Stormy weather might stereotypically bring to mind dark and depressing times, but for Cid (Rafaello Degruttola), Anabel (Kacy Barnfield) and Francis (Tahmoh Penikett) this assumption becomes much more than reality. Jabberwock: Dragon Seige details the plight of the intertwining lives of an entire village threatened with extinction, as the resurfacing of an age old creature, long since confined to myth, once again becomes tangible.

The entire film appears heavily focussed on the idea of realism. Cid, a lone traveller who by chance finds a partner, is quick to dismiss the idea of the Jabberwock as madness. However, it very quickly becomes he who is accused of insanity when he reaches a small settlement in search of help. As myths and legends slowly materialise into reality, Jabberwock: Dragon Seige also questions the harsh realities of everyday life. In a fluid and integrated blend of genres, romance, death and cowardice all play their part, adding to the believability and accessible nature of the film.

This sense of reality is further extenuated by the filming and production of the picture. Harsh yet notably real landscapes provide a tangible backdrop to a story and the music that permeates the film adds to the emotional climaxes. Audiences are able to fully appreciate the tension and drama as well as the love and tenderness expressed through a comprehensive use of sound.

Whilst Jabberwock: Dragon Seige might be somewhat lacking in the gore stacks, it allows for a greater focus on the emotional side to story. The focus of the human reaction to events of pain, loss and love are intensified and the intricacies of hard decisions are made clear. Even in merely blending this emotional aspect with the sci-fi roots of the film the authenticity of the story is increased.

With such a wide range of genres presented, Jabberwock: Dragon Seige is a film that will appeal to a wide range of audiences and requires little complex analysis, making it ideal for a night in with a movie or two.

Jabberwock Fact File:
Age: Rumoured to have been around since the time of the Romans.
Most Impressive Characteristic: Ability to produce offspring alone.
Time to Maturity: Several hours.

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