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The Avengers are on their way...

It seems like ages ago since audiences were first introduced to a glimpse of a possible Avenger’s film back in 2008 when Samuel L Jackson appeared at the end of Iron Man and now, finally in 2012, we will see the biggest collection of comic book heroes on screen and the pressure on Marvel to make it a success is huge.

Since The Avengers was announced there has been more excitement out there than nerves, certainly for film fans at least. Marvel have been building the anticipation by dropping little delectable bites of cameos throughout its releases, Black Widow ( Iron Man 2), Hawkeye (Thor) and Nick Fury again in Captain America. At the end of each credit audiences have been waiting to see a snippet of what’s to come.

Both Joss Whedon (director) and Kevin Feige (head of Marvel Studios) have a big task on their hands. Everything so far is building the anticipation nicely, but will they pull off the greatest super hero film ever made? This is the question on everybody’s lips.

Since the cast was announced at Comic Con in 2010 before the release of Thor and Captain America, audiences got to see who would be bringing these heroes to life and there are a lot of character ego’s to manage. Having already seen Robert Downey Jr. in action as Iron Man in two films, no one can question his performance as Tony Stark in The Avengers, but what will be interesting to see is Stark’s dynamic with Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, Chris Evans’s Captain America, Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow and Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye, the latter not having much of a speaking part in Thor.

The publicity and marketing has been heavily focused on these guys alone. However, what is on everyone’s minds is The Hulk, now played by Mark Ruffalo. Is Marvel playing a very clever PR campaign by not even featuring imagery or photo stills of Mark Ruffalo and his green alter ego? After a very, very brief intro in the teaser trailer and full trailer, the answer could most definitely be yes. After two attempts at bringing the big green man to screen there is an awful lot of anticipation from audiences and expectation for Marvel to get it right.

The story of The Avengers focuses on Thor’s brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) threatening to destroy earth. Nick Fury assembles this team to take him on. Many questions then arise from a viewer’s lips, how will they tackle all the heroes’ stories? Will all of these characters work as a team on screen? Can anyone handle all that metal and spandex in one film?

Well, there is not that long until all is answered as The Avengers hits screen on April 27th and then we will know who puts the ‘I’ in team.

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