Top 5 Alternative Valentine Movies

We offer you five alternative Valentine's movies...

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the one you love with a bottle of wine, a bag of popcorn and one of these alternative romantic classics.

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

A film that first dismantles a relationship, erases it and then starts it again. Jim Carrey is at his restrained best.

2. The War of the Roses

The history of a marriage that starts with romance and flowers and ends in hate and death. A must-see for anyone thinking of popping the question.

3. Brokeback Mountain

Boy meets boy. Boy falls in love with boy. Boy breaks up with boy. Boy gets back with boy. Boy is killed by an exploding tyre.

4. Harold and Maude

The best film ever made about a relationship between a 79 year old woman and a teenage boy who are both obsessed with death.

5. Any Which Way You Can

The ‘legendary’ sequel to Every Which Way But Loose, distinguished by a scene where four different couples make love simultaneously in the same motel. A couple of geriatrics, Clint and Sondra, an extremely unattractive man and woman and two Orang-utans. Has to be seen to be believed.

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