Festive Movie Suggestions

Christmassy suggestions from Scotland...

With the festive season approaching, we asked a few of the members of the film and television societies at Glasgow University to give us a little preview of what they will be watching this Christmas!


The Nightmare Before Christmas
”My main love of this film comes from the soundtrack. All the music is exquisitely composed, with themes to represent all the different characters and situations. Definitely one of Danny Elfman’s best soundtracks.”

“I would suggest a film which was not a big critical or commercial success, but which I think is a wonderful choice for such a list; the film Toys, made in 1992, directed by Barry Levinson, starring Robin Williams. It is such a joyous, whimsical and good-hearted film set around Christmas time, and I think it is one of the most beautiful films ever made. Certainly one of my top 10, and I have a real love of film, so that statement doesn’t come too lightly. Check it out!”

A Christmas Story
“There’s no way such a list could be complete without A Christmas Story (1983, Bob Clark). Ridiculously hilarious and entertaining for adult and younger audiences alike. The lead character is a kid but his adult voice-over narration makes him identifiable to older viewers. Among scores of other messages, this film teaches us to watch out for peer pressure (here presented in the form of the double dog dare); Who knew you could actually get your tongue frozen to a pole?”

Three Wishes for Cinderella
“A really nice film is Three Wishes for Cinderella, 1973, Czechoslovakia. It isn’t really a Christmas story but a lovely adaption of the well known Cinderella fairy tale. It has romance, action and humor and it fits the Christmas season because of its wonderful snowy landscapes and its magic and charm. It has become a real classic for Christmas in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland and so on.”

Jingle All the Way
“An absolute must watch!”

Thank you to all who contributed, and everyone go and find a couple of these movies at least to get yourself feeling festive over the coming weeks 🙂

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