News and Rumours Round-Up (13/11/11)

This week's biggest movie news...

This week in movieland…

  • A new image for the hotly anticipated Hunger Games movie was released. Showing Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss weilding a bow and arrow, the pictures is released in anticipation of the first airing of the trailer on Good Morning America on 14th November.
  • After Eddie Murphy dropped out, Billy Crystal stepped in. Yep, the 2012 Oscars will be hosted by the Oscar veteran who has hosted the awards show eight times before.
  • Tom Hanks may be president in the not-so-distant future. No, he isn’t doing an Arnie on us, he is rumoured to star as a president on the run after Air Force One is gunned down…
  • Woody Harrelson is set to join In Bruges’ Martin McDonagh’s next project Seven Psychopaths. He will star alongside Tom Waits, Colin Farrell, Christopehr Walken and Sam Rockwell.
  • A trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman (the one with Kristen Stewart) has surfaced. Watch it here and let us know what you think on our twitter!
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