An Ode to Disney

We celebrate the work of Disney with an original poem

In 1928 a mouse whistled on a boat
His name was Mickey, Walt Disney wrote
Steamboat Willie was the first ‘toon to sync sound
And Disney would break even more new ground

What followed were symphonies with song and dance
Skeletons who knew how to skip, leap and prance
In ’32 Flowers and Trees was another
It was the first ever ‘toon to employ Technicolor

And in 1937 before men had to fight
Another first was achieved when Disney made Snow White
The first of the ‘classics’ as we’d say today
Snow White and those dwarfs were leading the way

The features were popular, and so Disney made more
Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan were post War
Treasure Island was the first live action he made
And in 1955 a new theme park was displayed

But the legacy definitely didn’t end there
And now Disney is part of our lives like the air
Even when Walt passed away and was frozen
And his brother took over because he’d been chosen

Even when Looney Tunes threatened to mock
And Bugs Bunny was asking ‘What’s up Doc?’
Even when things seemed to start to go wrong
Katzenburg, Wells and Eisner stood strong

We should all be glad Disney’s not in the past
We should all be wanting it to last and last
With Pixar now being ahead of the game
And Disney being different, but somehow the same

We shouldn’t forget the joy that we feel
When viewing cartoons that seem oh so real
We should thank Disney and friends for the love and the fun
The laughter they’ve brought, the hard work that they’ve done

From Ariel and Flounder under the sea
To Woody and Buzz and their Toy Story
From Pinocchio telling the odd little lie
To a nanny who uses an umbrella to fly

From 101 pups who Cruella just steals
To a rat in a kitchen who sautés, chops and peels
That feeling you get from watching something
As beautiful and moving as the The Lion King

Is down to the dedication behind the scenes
And a man who once had some animated dreams.

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