Top 10 Worst Movie Monsters

Ahh! Killer bunnies! There's some scary movie monsters our there. These aren't even close

Not all things that Hollywood call a monster can be deemed scary – some are plain ridiculous, others are just lame. Here’s our top 10 worst movie monsters!

10. Millard Findlemeyer (Gingerdead Man)

Ok, so the casting of Gary Busey as a villain is always a good call, but as an evil gingerbread man? That’s just plain dumb. Know how you defeat him? Leave him out at Christmas and Santa will sort him out.

9. Jack Frost (Jack Frost)

No not the one with Michael Keaton. This Jack Frost is a serial killer who somehow gets turned into a killer snow man… yeah. That makes about as much sense as a sugar coated toothbrush. Just chuck some hot water on the bugger to melt it.

8. Chucky (Child’s Play)

It may have installed a fear of dolls into so many but in essence Chucky is still a doll even if it has a spirit of a homicidal maniac living in it. Come on it’s a dolly! You can pull it’s head off, melt it, all sorts.

7. Zombies (Any zombie film except 28 Days Later)

Zombies are just a bit rubbish really. If it wasn’t for their numbers they wouldn’t be so threatening. More like a drunk teething baby. It will bumble around a bit, try to bite stuff and then fall over. They aren’t particularly fast either and their lack of mental power gives them a bit of a disadvantage.

6. Giant Bunnies (Night Of The Lepus)

That’s right. The monsters of this film are giant blood thirsty rabbits. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Maybe a giant case of myxomatosis would put a stop to them.

5. Aliens (Signs)

Not all aliens. Some can be scary but Signs missed the mark by at least two miles. Dissolvable aliens are not high on our list of things to run away from. Worst comes to worst pee on them.

4. Robert (Rubber)

It is a killer tyre with telepathic powers. Who ever thought of this needs some sort of prize, or help. A killer tyre? How can that be scary?

3. The Mummy (The Curse Of The Mummy’s Tomb)

Come on! It is just a zombie in bandages which kind of makes it less scary because you cant see all the blood and gore. Just take its head off with a shovel and pound on it a bit. Nothing to be scared of really.

2. Audrey 2 (Little Shop Of Horrors)

It’s a plant. A plant can’t be scary. Put it out in the cold and it will die. Alternatively just do what they did in the film but much sooner and set the bugger on fire.

1. Leprechaun (Leprechaun)

A ginger midget on the rampage killing everyone who is after his pot o gold. It’s a ginger midget. Just boot it into the air and steal its lucky charms as well as its gold.

As you can see Hollywood has been responsible for some rather dumb movie monsters. Not all monsters should be feared on Halloween, just laughed at.

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