I Was Just Wondering With Tom Salmon S2 Ep 4: Drifting

In this week's episode HanXiong Bo talks about directing and producing his latest award winning short film Drifting

Hello everybody, what’s up? You’re listening to I Was Just Wondering With Tom Salmon! The podcast that dives into music, film and games and everything else in between.

My guest on this week’s episode is HanXiong Bo who wrote, directed and produced his latest short film Drifting (2019), which tells the story of a young man struggling with his gender identity after being raised as a girl in China. Drifting has it premiered at the San Sebastian Film Festival in 2019 and was nominated for the best short film award at the festival and was a semi-finalist at the 2019 Student Academy Awards.

We jumped into HanXiong’s experience being a Maths student in Beijing and making his first no-budget zombie short film City of The Dead (2012), how he found his filmmaking voice studying at UCLA and what it was like working as a camera operator for one of American cinema’s most celebrated film auteur’s Francis Ford Coppola.

You can watch the trailer for Drifting on HanXiong’s Vimeo page right now! vimeo.com/bohanxiong

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