News and Rumours Round-Up (04/09/11)

This week's biggest movie news...

This week in movieland…

  • Star Wars fans grew increasingly troubled at rumours spreading regarding the upcoming Blu Ray Star Wars collection. George Lucas has apparently been hard at work again and is rumoured to have inserted an extra Darth Vader ‘nooo’ into the final battle scene of Return of the Jedi as well as giving the Ewoks blinking eyes.
  • Wish there was a Fight Club near you? Soon there might be, but it might not be what you expect. Rumours of a Fight Club musical are getting stronger with David Fincher mentioning it more than once and author Chuck Palahniuk not sounding completely horrified by the idea. Watch this space.
  • Reports suggest Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will star as Goliath in the biblical adaptation. Taylor Lautner is rumoured to play David.
  • After months of speculation the search for a director for Die Hard 5 is over, Max Payne director John Moore is set to helm the fifth action film to star Bruce Willis as John McClane.
  • The Grudge 4 is on its way and it’s rumoured to be a remake of the first (which itself was a remake, wasn’t it?). Seems it just won’t die.
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