Roobla Podcast EP 8: Writer & Director Reece Grant

In this week's Roobla Podcast writer and director Reece Grant talks about his personal and hard hitting short film The Hood

Hello everybody, what’s up? You’re listening to the Roobla Podcast with me, Tom Salmon! The show that dives into music, film and games and everything else in between.

My guest on this week’s episode is Reece Grant who wrote, directed and produced his first short film The Hood (2014) starring Joshua Duckrell, Rebekah Charmer and Maximus Morgan. The film has over 1.3 million views and 10k likes on YouTube so far. 

We jumped into Reece’s Met Film School experience and how growing up in Lewisham influenced his storytelling style and what is it like to pursue a full-time filmmaking career in the British film industry in 2019.

You can check out The Hood (2014) on YouTube right now!

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