Roobla Podcast EP2: Jack Carroll

Standup comedian, actor and a proper Yorkshire lad!

Hello everybody, what’s up? You’re listening to the Roobla Podcast with me, Tom Salmon! The show that dives into music, film and games and everything else in between.

My guest on this week’s episode is Jack Carroll, standup comedian, writer and actor haling from West Yorkshire, England. He was the breakout star of Britain’s Got Talent’s seventh season finishing as first runner-up in the final. He’s performed sellout shows with Jason Manford, slayed audiences at Live At The Apollo and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and he’s won the Pride of Britain Award for “Teenager of Courage”.

We jumped into Jack’s starring role in British film comedy Eaten By Lions released in cinemas across the UK on the 29th March, his experience on being the youngest ever standup comedian on Britain’s Got Talent and being blocked by Stan Collymore.

You can follow Jack on Instagram & Twitter @fatjacko

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