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This week's best releases!

We take a look at this week’s best releases…


Sucker Punch
Zack Snyder may already be busy making Superman: Man of Steel but not long ago he was busying himself with directing Sucker Punch. Heralded as Inception meets *insert an awkwardly different film of your choosing here*, it stars Emily Browning and features some amazing visuals. Read our review here or click here to buy Sucker Punch [DVD] [2011] from Amazon.

Your Highness
Using the archetypal plotline of ‘the quest’ but with a rude, crude comical twist, Your Highness is 100 minutes filled with sexual innuendo, medieval euphemisms and a whole lot of energy. Read our review here or Click here to buy Your Highness Extended Edition (The Longer, Harder Version) [DVD] from Amazon.

The Rig
The Rig is a classic gore and blood filled tale. Shot on location at a genuine rig in Louisiana, it tells the story of a small but experienced crew left behind in the wake of a tropical storm, preyed on one by one by an elusive monster of the deep. Read our review here or enter our competition here!

Also released…
Stand By Me (read our review here)
The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec (read our review here)


Rise of the Planet of the Apes
James Franco and Freida Pinto star in this Planet of the Apes prequel. Featuring some stunning CGI and mo-cap master Andy Serkis, the film is set to thrill audiences.

Also released…
The Smurfs
The Devil’s Double

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