Save the date for Danny DeVito Day

November 17 will never be the same again (especially if you live in New Jersey)

He’s starred in films such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Jewel of the Nile, Twins and Batman Returns, the hit TV series Taxi, not to mention a Phil Collins video, so it’s safe to say that Danny DeVito is deserving of the latest honour bestowed upon him. His home state of New Jersey has just proclaimed November 17 ‘Danny DeVito Day’, in recognition of his services to the big screen.

The date also happens to be his birthday, and was announced by John Moor, Mayor of Asbury Park where the actor-director grew up. It was all part of the town’s Music and Film Festival last Saturday – what could be more fitting?

Although he went all Westside a long, long time ago in a (successful) bid to kickstart his career, DeVito has never forgotten his East Coast roots and has returned ‘home’ frequently, putting back into the community in which he grew up. 1987’s Throw Momma From the Train, the first movie in which he both starred and directed, premiered at Asbury Park’s Paramount Theatre, thanks to the main man paying for some much-needed repairs. His production companies are all named after New Jersey, and when another star from the state, Bruce Springsteen, was inducted into its Hall of Fame, DeVito was on intro duties.

“Now that I’m an icon and have a Danny DeVito Day, I’m going to try my best to get the tax incentive passed in New Jersey so that we can make movies In new Jersey,” he said. Now that’s loyalty for you.

However, this is far from a first, as some other famous Jersey sons, Bon Jovi, also received similar recognition in April. Either way, you could think of worse people to be stuck in a lift with.

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