Video: Peter Rabbit – ‘Meet Peter with James Corden’ – Featurette

Hop to it.

After introducing to Peter’s three sisters we now get to meet the rascally rabbit himself with his voice actor James Corden. There is also a new poster which you can find below the text.

The story takes inspiration from the book as Peter (Voiced by James Corden) battles with Mr McGregor (Domhnall Gleeson) for control over the latter’s vegetable garden, but then develops into something more as Peter and friends find themselves in London. Margot RobbieElizabeth Debicki and Daisy Ridley voice Peter’s sisters Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail.

Peter Rabbit hops into UK cinemas March 16. Check out the featurette and poster and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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