Movie Madness Podcast – Series 4 – Ep 1: Goodfellas

"And then, just as they're getting nearer, the window cleaner spontaneously combusts!"

Our comedy podcast about all things film, Movie Madness, has returned for a fourth series. Hosts Tom and Jonathan talk about some of the most significant films of their lives, discussing favourite scenes, quotes, music and playing a game they have dubbed Equal Sequel Wars where each pitch their own sequel to that episodes film. Hilarious results ensue.

This episode Tom and Jonathan become Made Men as they infiltrate the mobsters underworld and talk about the Martin Scorsese masterpiece, Goodfellas (1990).

Theme music: Funky Sting by Twin Musicom (

Listen to the episode via the player below or alternatively you can download via iTunes.

WARNING! Contains spoilers and strong language.

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