Film Focus Podcast – Episode 36: Theme Songs In Superhero Films

My thoughts on Superhero theme songs...

On episode 36 of Film Focus, I talk about theme songs in superhero films. Now, this is a topic I’ve wanted to cover for a little while and after the release of Wonder Woman and how much people have taken to her theme song, I thought the time was right to talk about it on the podcast. So superhero theme songs, while it is not an element that a lot of people pay attention to, it is one of the key aspects that make superhero characters recognisable and awesome and in this episode I cover:

1) Superhero theme importance.
2) The recognisable themes.
3) The themes that don’t get enough love.
4) The themes that missed the mark.
5) And upcoming superhero films that could have good theme songs.

P.S. There are moments of me giving verbal renditions of some of the theme songs so if you find it a little cringeworthy I apologise in advance.

Theme music is “Pulse Rock” by Kevin MacLeod which can be found at

Listen via the soundcloud player below or alternatively you can download via iTunes.

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