5 best teenage slasher movies

Teenagers and Serial Killers. Recipe for a bloody good time.

Everyone loves a good slasher movie. It’s got everything a movie lover wants- dumb teenagers with hormones and serial killers who are bent on finding them. Plus, lots and lots of bad decisions. It’s like a game of cat and mouse only most of the time the mouse loses. With that in mind, we would like to share with you five of the best slasher movies around.

5. I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

While this movie didn’t get many favorable reviews, Jim Gillespie’s I Know What You Did Last Summer has all the elements of a slasher film. Clueless teenagers and a relentless killer. Loosely adapted from a Lois Duncan novel, Kevin Williamson’s script flips the hit and run incident from a small boy to a fishermen. There was a lot of things that worked in this movie-particularly the attractive cast and the inspiration from the urban legend The Hook. This movie may not be well liked, but it is indeed one of the most memorable slasher films of the 90’s.

4. The Faculty (1998)

Unlike the others on this list, Robert Rodriguez’s The Faculty is a bit different. It not only reaches into the horror world but the science fiction world as well. Kevin Williamson continues to satisfy with another teenage slasher that not only depicts high school stereotypes well but depicts the anxiety around alien domination. Throughout this movie, the teenagers deal with the aliens in a way that is very predictable, but overall what makes this movie one of the best is its cast. With diverse and familiar faces like Elijah Wood and Josh Hartnett, this movie turned out to be better than what we expected.

3. Urban Legend (1998)

Okay, so this one takes an interesting twist on the slasher genre. College students are murdered based on urban legends. Jamie BlanksUrban Legend might not have been a hit but it’s a classic teenage slasher nonetheless. The beginning of this movie has a promising start, and with actors such as Jared Leto and Alicia Witt, this movie takes us on a ride that might not have resulted in box office success like Halloween or A Nightmare on Elm Street, but tackles the genre with its interesting murders. And Rebecca Gayheart made for an attractive serial killer.

2. Final Destination (2000)

James Wong’s Final Destination is silly and gory, but it’s a great slasher that has spawned several sequels. The fact that Death itself is what is killing off the teenagers is brilliant. And the fact that Candyman himself (Tony Todd) shows up to even further the creepiness factor is a great nod to classics that helped make slasher movies still be relevant to this day. Final Destination is a fun film that not only makes you paranoid but continues to be so predictable that everything about the movie becomes unexpected.

1. Scream (1996)

There are a lot of teenage slasher films out there. A lot. Countless films about dumb teenagers who continue to make bad decisions about their survival. But we have come up with the top teenage slasher movie and that is Wes Craven’s Scream. Not only does this movie know how to make us scream, but it also knows how to make us laugh. Scream is perhaps the perfect blend of comedy and horror without going over the top. Wes Craven is known for great horror films, but we think that Scream is one of his best. So the question is…what’s your favorite scary movie?

Are there any teenage slasher films you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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