Footloose (1984) – Film Review

Kevin Bacon shows off his dance moves in this eighties classic.

You’ll be familiar with the film’s title song even if you’re not au fait with this 1984 classic. A firm favourite with film audiences, Footloose captures the essence of the 1980’s; the hair, the dancing, the moves and the clothes are all present.

Ren (Kevin Bacon) finds his passion for dance thwarted when he moves to the small American town of Bomont, where dancing, music (and general fun) have been banned after a fatal car accident years earlier.

Refusing to let his love for dance be curtailed, Ren sets to freeing the dancing spirit that has been trapped in the Bomont community whilst making a fair few enemies along the way, including some of his family members who are ostracised for their relationship with the rowdy newcomer.

Although the film contains a fight for a girl (in this instance Ariel played by Lori Singer), a faithful sidekick (Chris Penn’s Willard) and a supposedly evil proprietor (John Lithgow’s Reverend Moore), it still feels fresh and a step ahead of becoming a clich√©.

Based loosely on the rue story of Elmore City in Oklahoma, Footloose culminates in a battle to allow dancing to take place and music to be played at the senior prom. Enter a remarkably stirring speech for the importance of dance in front of the town’s elders from Ren and some iconic moves undertaken throughout the film so that the cast can perfect their moves in preparation for the big day.

With news of a 2011 remake starring Chace Crawford (who replaces Zac Efron who dropped out in its early stages), there’s no better time to get (re)acquainted with this eighties classic.

Best bit; Bacon sticking it to the man with the aid of the Bible
Best performance; Dancing-wise it’d be Bacon, but Lithgow’s flawed Reverend Moore is a scene-stealer when he appears.

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