Update: Michael Shannon frontrunner for Cable casting

It seems there may be a new contender in the running for the much sought after role of Cable in the upcoming Deadpool sequel.

After the news that none other than Brad Pitt looked to be a casting option for the role of Cable in Deadpool 2, it has been said that Man of Steel (2013) actor Michael Shannon is now the frontrunner for the vied after role.

Shannon, who is also known for roles in The Iceman (2012), Nocturnal Animals (2016) and the fantastic Midnight Special (2016),  now looks to be a favourite for the time-travelling robot/man Cable.

It has been said that whilst no official deal has been made, Fox Studios (the company behind the hugely successful first film) has been drawn towards Shannon’s casting.

Out of the many potential actors to fill the role, Shannon is probably one of the best people to do it. His role as Zod in the Superman film was actually really good, he could easily become a firm favourite in the comic book  movie world.

I doubt it will be too long until we find out for definite.

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