Pitt added to Deadpool 2 casting rumours

I cannot believe it myself, but Brad Pitt has had his name added to the speculations behind the upcoming casting of Cable in Deadpool 2.

Ever since the post-credit sequence of Deadpool (2016) the internet has run wild with rumours of who would be stepping into the semi-robotic shoes of time-travelling badass Cable.

Among such hopefuls as Pierce Brosnan, Ron Perlman, Kyle Chandeler, Stephen Lang and even Dolph Lundgren, news has emerged (I say the word news very loosely) that none other than Brad Pitt may (and I mean may) be in for a chance to play the half metal mutant.

In a tweet from Jeff Sneider, editor in chief of Tracking Board, it says: “It will be interesting to see if Brad Pitt plays Cable.”

Now this is pure speculation (like everything that has been said about the casting of the role) but wouldn’t it be interesting if he did get it?

The other front runners are also a good shout and here is why:

Pierce Brosnan

Good old Pierce has quite a lot of range when it comes to acting, granted some of his most recent films have been flops but he is a good actor and has the ability to be funny as well as violent. The pictures of him with Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds may be stoking the fire, but it could work.

Stephen Lang

Anyone who saw Avatar (2009) will know the badass mofo as the main antagonist to the story. He is menacing, granted, but with a tone like the first Deadpool film, he would need to have elements of humour to his character, unless of course they leave that to the main man himself. Lang already had a buzz cut anyway so he could definitely LOOK like the character at least.

Ron Perlman

Hellboy himself! Perlman is an incredible actor when it comes to rough and rowdy people. His characters in Hellboy (2004) and Sons of Anarchy provide an interesting insight into how he would portray Cable. He could do the funny parts as well as slapping Deadpool around the set with ease.

Personally I think Ron or Pierce would be the better options.

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