Star Wars Episode VIII could bring the nostalgia factor

There is speculation that three well-known parts of the Star Wars universe may be revisited in the next two films? What are your thoughts?

With just a few months until the release of the highly-anticipated Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, more and more rumours are coming to the surface, hinting that the film (and possibly the following movie) will take audiences back to some of the most iconic locations of the previous installments.

According to, we could well be seeing the cast return to three famed locations in the Star Wars universe. The three planets include none other than Mustafar, Endor and home of Luke Skywalker himself, Tatooine.

Mustafar, the fiery hell of a planet where Anakin became a half-man half-robot, featured in the spin-off film Rogue One (2016), even if the name itself didn’t show up on screen. Does this mean a direct link to the spin off? As I seem to remember, this is where we saw Vader in the tank? Is this where Kylo Ren will finish his training with Snoke? Or is there something darker afoot?

The return to Tatooine would make sense with the reemergence of Luke, in fact I think it would pay perfect homage to the original trilogy. It would kind of make sense to maybe (if this is even remotely true) end Luke’s story exactly where it started (this is pure speculation from myself so don’t take it too seriously).

Endor….this is one that I think it could do without. Unless it is a flashback of how Ren got the Vader helmet then there is no need. I say this purely because if Ewoks show up in the next two films then I am done with the new trilogy.

Looks like we only have a few months until we find out!

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