Kingsman 2 gets an earlier release date

Exciting news for fans of the original Kingsman film, The sequel will be hitting the silver screen a week earlier than expected.

I cannot lie, I am a fan of the 2015 hit by Mark Millar, the casting of Colin Firth, Michael Caine and Taron Egerton made for a fun action/adventure with the gobby spy. The sleeper hit, which just seemed to appear from nowhere, won audiences over with its cheeky and violent take on the English spy movie.

What is even more exciting is that the sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle will now hit cinemas earlier than originally intended. Instead of its October 6 release date, the film will now be with us by September 29. Whilst this isn’t a huge change, it is wonderful that we will be able to see the eagerly-anticipated follow up to the box office hit which managed to receive $414 million at the box office.

The sequel, which will see lead character Eggsy (Egerton) and his fellow spy Merlin (Mark Strong) travel to the United States to save the world, will also be featuring a new all-star cast including Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry, Pedro Pascal, Julianne Moore and even Elton John. 

Not much is known about the upcoming sequel as of yet, except for another performance by Colin Firth? (I will not discuss further if you haven’t seen the original), but what we do know is that if it is anything like its predecessor then we are in for an explosively good time.

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