Plugging back in? Plans for new Matrix film announced

Which pill are you going to take? Preferably something legal and something that will make you come to terms with this news

I have to start by saying that I am a huge fan of The Matrix Trilogy (1999-2003). Whilst lots and lots of people are not keen on the follow-ups to the groundbreaking original film, I stuck with it and enjoyed it thoroughly (even if the quality did deteriorate with time).

But now it has been pretty much confirmed that the series will be getting the standard Hollywood treatment and will be rebooted. Usually this news would excite me, especially given Keanu Reeves’ comeback with films like John Wick 2 (2017), but the joy stops just there.

Apparently the Wachowski siblings are not lined up to direct, and poor old Neo will not be the focus of the film. This does make a small amount of sense given the ending of Revolutions (2003) where our saviour seemingly gave his life to save the real world. As Mr Reeves has said: “People die but stories don’t.”

Even though some of the films the directing duo have released in recent years are anything but amazing (2015’s Jupiter Ascending comes to mind), they are the reason The Matrix came to be on the silver screen, and the first is pure brilliance.

Everything from ‘bullet time’ to Hugo Weaving’s menacing Agent Smith, the films were class, I will argue that point to near-death.

If the series is going to be rebooted then we need five main things for it to contend with current blockbuster films:-

  1. A strong script/directing team
  2. Top notch actors
  3. An amazing story arc
  5. Expanding the world of The Matrix, the glitches, the faults and maybe some Deja Vu!

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