Gosling as Bond? Give me a break!

Ryan Gosling as Bond? Nah, here are a few other options which won't make you spit out your martini in disgust!

Since the apparent departure of Daniel Craig as England’s finest spy after the events of 2015’s Spectre, there has been much speculation over who would step into the tux and pick up the Walther PPK in a bid to save the world from the dastardly plans of various villains.

A recent murmur has risen, a dark and sadistic rumour, that none other than Ryan Gosling could have a chance at being 007. This ‘news’ leaves me with one question- WHY, IN THE NAME JUDI DENCH, IS THIS BEING SAID?!

My main argument is thus, Gosling is arguably one of the most recent examples of typecast, wooden and flat-out boring actors to come out of Hollywood. Granted, he has been in some good films, but that does NOT make him a good actor. His role in The Big Short (2015) was nothing short of surplus to requirement, he could’ve not been in that film and it wouldn’t have made a difference whatsoever.

Now, another main gripe of mine (one that really grinds my gears) is that Gosling is NOT FROM THE UK. We have had Scottish Sean Connery, we have had Irish Pierce Brosnan, hell, we even had Australian George Lazenby (the less said about him the better). But having an American play a quintessential British character, someone who bleeds the Union Jack’s colours and probably drinks a nice cup of tea after killing masses of generic henchmen, would just be wrong.

There are so many other actors who would be perfect for this role, so let us have a look shall we?

Idris Elba

Look, DJ Dris is a boss. He is a very good actor (see Luther for example) and is probably hard enough to batter some unnamed thugs before jumping into his Aston Martin and powering it away in fifth gear. Although I am dead against Gosling picking up the role, I do think change is needed and having the first ever black James Bond would be great. If this does happen then Dris is the man for the job.

Tom Hardy

Yes, okay, he had to be on the list. As well as a potentially amazing replacement for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, I think Tom may give a good performance as 007 himself. He has range, plain and simple. From Charles Bronson to The Krays, Bane to Mad Max, the man can act! Very British, tough as nails and could probably pull off drinking a martini (shaken mind you!). As we had Craig, who was a bit rough round the edges, I think we need to give a chance to the harsher styles of Bond.

Michael Fassbender

Not much needs to be explained here. The former Magneto is one of the finest actors from the UK to date. Forgive his appearances in the abysmal Assassin’s Creed (2016), that was more an error from the film itself, not its cast. Give this man 00 status.

There are many others who could possibly create a buzz as Bond, but there are also more actors who should really not be considered apart from Gosling. I shan’t explain per actor (mainly because it is obvious).

  1. Damien Lewis (just….no)
  3. Kit Harrington (sorry Kit, big fan, but you are not the Bond for us)
  4. Ryan Gosling again
  5. Daniel Radcliffe
  6. Ryan Gosling

Who do you think should be the next James Bond? Comment below!

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  • Fair enough, I personally don't agree. I cannot think of many films of his that I have scene where his performance is mind-blowing. But the same can be said with many of the ones listed. What I mean is his acting wouldn't fit the role.
  • The Bond franchise is in desperate need of a break. Let's see who's of age come 2030. Maybe Henry Cavill will have distanced himself from Superman enough by then to give it a shot.
    • Henry Cavill would be okay, given his performance in Man from UNCLE, I would be interested in seeing how he would portray Bond. Regarding a break, I think you are right. The only issue I had with Spectre is that it feels like the franchise was revisiting older storylines and bad guys as they couldn't think of more original plots. Not to say that I didn't enjoy Christoph Waltz as the baddy and the film on the whole.

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