Trainspotting 2 on track for success

Critics full of praise for Danny Boyle's sequel

The original was hailed as “90 minutes of raw power” and “something Britain can be proud of”, so Trainspotting 2 – or just T2, if you prefer – always had a lot to live up to. But judging by the initial reaction from the critics following its premiere in Edinburgh lastnight, it’s only missed the mark by the width of a pool table pocket.

This is not only great news for fans of the 1996 smash, but also movie-goers in general. 2017 is bound to be awash with sequels, so could this be an early indication of a vintage year?

Wishful thinking perhaps, but that could well have been the same frame of mind that Trainspotting 2‘s cast and crew were in when filming began last year. Fast forward to the present and the plaudits are already coming in thick and fast, with The Daily Record calling the movie “an addictive hit of pure cinema”. South of the border, The Sun claimed that “you don’t need to have seen (or even liked) its predecessor to enjoy this”. Heck, it doesn’t even go on general release until next Thursday.

One memorable line from the first film is “it’s shite being Scottish”. To be fair, it’s probably a little less shite nowadays, something that may even be true in the case of central character Mark Renton if the trailer is anything to go by. As for the man who brings him to life, it would be fair to say that Ewan McGregor has become something of an A-lister in the intervening years. Robert Carlyle (Begbie) has also had his share of highs, while Ewan Bremner (Spud) has been seen in such hits as Snatch and Black Hawk Down. Jonny Lee Miller (Sick Boy/Simon) is perhaps most famous for being the former Mr Angelina Jolie and on the shortlist to play James Bond before Daniel Craig was handed the role.

Director Danny Boyle is almost officially on the list of all time greats, whilst author Irvine Welsh, whose debut novel provided the first spark of inspiration 20 years ago, has struck gold yet again with Porno laying the foundations for Trainspotting 2.

So it looks like it’s very much a case of roll on January 27, and if you’re also looking forward to it (or even dreading it) you can let us know below. Remember, if it’s a decent review you’re after, choose Roobla.

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