Jimmy Kimmel up for the Oscars

Chat king to front 2017 Academy Awards

He’s had his own talk show for the past 13 years, so you’d think that Jimmy Kimmel would be a dab hand at dealing with the biggest of egos. However, can even this prepare someone for officiating Hollywood’s biggest night out? Let’s hope so because the comic has just been announced as the MC for the 2017 Oscars.

Also on the 49-year-old’s CV is the American Music Awards (five times!), as well as presenting the Emmys twice in 2012 and 2016.

Kimmel himself was quick to confirm the news on Twitter at around midday today: “Yes, I am hosting the Oscars. This is not a prank. and if it is, my revenge on @The Academy will be terrible and sweet.” This year’s show leant more towards the terrible, as viewing figures plummeted to an average of 34.5m viewers, which is officially the worst for eight years in the US television ratings.

Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel is also broadcast on ABC, who also happen to be bringing next year’s awards ceremony to American screens – an omen, perhaps? If that’s grasping at straws, then maybe the fact that the Academy were a few weeks late in announcing who’d got the gig means they wanted to make sure they had the best man for the job.

Kimmel also received rave reviews for his performance at this year’s Emmys. Back in September, Disney/ABC Television Group boss Ben Sherwood said: “We thought Jimmy elevated the Emmys and we’re very hopeful that he will get [the Oscar hosting gig].”

Whatever happens, we’ll be able to see it all unfold for ourselves on February 26. Is Kimmel a good choice, or would you have preferred someone else? Let us know below.

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