The Kid (2010) – Film Review

Rupert Friend stars in this adaptation...

Based on Kevin Lewis’ number one best-selling book, Nick Morgan brings to life the incredible true story of a child attempting against all the odds to make a life for himself. Starring Rupert Friend of the critically acclaimed The Boy in Striped Pyjamas and Pride and Prejudice, The Kid is a film which will stay in the mind long after the closing credits.

With many modern films proving to be a showcase filled with mindless violence and gore, whilst it’s fair to say The Kid offers its fair share of blood and ferocity, there’s something slightly different in Morgan’s portrayal of Kevin Lewis’ life. The striking contrast of the realistic violence in the real world, both on the streets and in the homes of the country, is offset by the painfully accurate picture of human emotion. Both through the fantastic acting skills of the cast and the intimate revelations from within the book itself, the violence in the film becomes, for once, justified. As Kevin Lewis scribbles on wall upon wall in an internal angst at his treatment he faces set-back after set-back from his abusive family, school friends and business associates, and a picture is painted of something much more than meaningless violence.

Whilst The Kid shows the darker side of violence, with the full horror of family violence perhaps taking centre stage as well as underground fighting as a necessity of survival, it is also a story of hope. The soundtrack to the movie has brought it great acclaim, both publicly and critically and the ending of the tale embodies a powerful message; never give up hope – life can always turn around. This is made all the more poignant when the true-story element of the film is considered.

Though the movie carries an overriding sense of moral and deeper meaning, in a true representation of the 80’s it is not without nostalgia, love and comedy with the innocent Kevin Lewis stumbling into the board meeting of the ‘chocolate people’ – a scene sure to raise a smile in even the most stalwart viewers. Painful, funny and gripping, The Kid is a poignant and inspiring drama.


Best scene: Keep watching as the credits roll for a touching piece of unscripted filming.

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