Top 10 magnificent movie moustaches

Here are ten of the best movie mouth-brows. Outstanding

In support of Movember we’ve decided to honour the magnificence that is the moustache. Men around the world feel pride when sporting their upper lip-holstery and for one month of the year can raise money and awareness for men’s health. However we all know those first few days of growth can be filled with mocking and humiliation. So in order to cheer you on, we’ve selected ten magnificent movie moustaches you can one day aspire to own.

  1. 10

    Charles Bronson - Tom Hardy

    Bronson (2008)

    Based on the true life of one of Britain’s most notorious prisoners Charles Bronson (No, not the actor), Tom Hardy’s magnificent moustache had to be accurate to reflect the man himself. The classic handlebar, thick and sturdy with playful wisps either end this is the moustache of a man’s man harking back to victorian strong men.

  2. 9

    Pat Healy - Matt Dillon

    There's Something About Mary (1998)

    The pencil, suave and debonair, it brings to mind such legends as Clark Gable and Errol Flynn. The sign of a gentleman with sophistication and integrity. Not so much the case for Pat Healy who is a slimy private detective resorting to all kinds of devious tactics to win the heart of Mary (Cameron Diaz).

  3. 8

    Ron Burgundy - Will Ferrell

    Anchorman (2004)

    Thick and broad, Ron Burgundy’s facial fur is a staple of the 70s, most commonly referred to as the porn-stache. It’s the moustache a man feels pride over and carefully grooms for several minutes every morning, for a man’s moustache is his one and only defence against the terrors of the world.

  4. 7

    The Stranger - Sam Elliott

    The Big Lebowski (1998)

    Wow, just wow. This is one of those moustaches you can’t help but stare at in wonder, lost among the many strokes of silver heaven. Thick and bushy extending down past the lips a man could lose many hours a day combing this bad boy. Bravo, Sam Elliott, bravo!

  5. 6

    White Goodman - Ben Stiller

    Dodgeball (2004)

    Ah the horseshoe. Popular among many bikers across the world it’s the happy medium between a moustache and a beard. For those men who are unsure about the sole coverage above the lip, they like that reassurance down to the chin. Slightly spoiled here by the stray tuft beneath the bottom lip, but we’ll let that slide.

  6. 5


    Gangs of New York (2002)

    Another magnificent handlebar, though this time care has been taken to gently curl the ends. Typical of the mid-1800s a lip rug like this one could get you places, even to the head of a notorious violent New York criminal gang. If you get into a gang fight and see this thing staring back at you, good luck.

  7. 4

    Zed - Sean Connery

    Zardoz (1974)

    If you’re able to pull your eyes away from Connery’s strange attire (I know it’s difficult, but please try) you’ll notice he’s sporting the world renowned porn-stache. To see a gentleman these days with such a prominent mouth-brow would seem rather odd, but believe me it’s the only normal thing in this film.

  8. 3

    Inspector Jacques Clouseau - Peter Sellers

    The Pink Panther (1963)

    Nothing says stereotypical french man like face furniture. Simple, well groomed and effective, Seller’s Inspector Clouseau has become one of cinema’s most famous comical characters. Yet it’s hard to imagine if he would be as funny without the lip foliage.

  9. 2

    Damon Macready/Big Daddy - Nicolas Cage

    Kick-Ass (2010)

    When it comes to Nicolas Cage he’s sported a tache in many-a-film, but it was a toss up between Kick Ass and Raising Arizona. The former was selected purely for the whiskers’ ability to disguise themselves. Yes, when Damon Macready becomes the vigilante Big Daddy, he extends his moustache transforming it into a horseshoe. Marvellous.

  10. 1

    Captain James Hook - Dustin Hoffman

    Hook (1991)

    Cruel, devilish with a hatred of clocks, Captain Hook is definitely up there when it comes to recognisable nemeses. And when you’re villain is wicked give them a wicked moustache. A thin wiry handlebar with curled ends reminiscent of his threatening hook. With matching eyebrows to boot it’s a look only he could pull off.

    So if you're still straining to squeeze those hairs through desperate to look a little more manly, never fear, for you are doing a fantastic thing and by December you'll look as cool as any of these men.

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