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Paul, a bird eating, weed smoking extra terrestrial (who just happens to share an uncanny similarity to Seth Rogen), causes friction between Brit uber-geeks Clive (Nick Frost) and Graeme (Simon Pegg) after he seeks refuge with them in the middle of their U.S. Road trip…

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True Grit
Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and the stellar Hailee Steinfield star in the Coen brother’s western remake. Jeff Bridges’ drunken U.S. Marshall reluctantly agrees to help 14 year-old Mattie Ross (Steinfield) go after the man who killed her father. Mattie is out for revenge and won’t stop until the murderer is caught and hung for his crime.

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Apocalypse Now
Francis Ford Coppola’s 1979 classic is re-released this week. The basic story follows Willard, a decorated Lieutenant, who is asked to go into the depths of the Vietnamese jungle to kill Col. Kurtz, a former Colonel for the US Army turned leader / God to a small tribe. It’s a suicide mission, and Willard knows it.

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Inside Job
Detailing the reasons behind the meltdown of the economy, Inside Job sheds light on one of the worst financial disasters in history. Narrated by Matt Damon, the film is a blunt and illuminating watch.

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Also out this week…
Age of Heroes
Eaters: Rise of the Dead
Trail of the Screaming Foreheads


Green Lantern
Ryan Reynolds appears as Hal Jordan, a pilot whose life is changed after meeting an alien who gives him a ring with mysterious powers…

Bad Teacher
Cameron Diaz stars as the titular bad teacher. Pairing her opposite old flame Justin Timberlake, Bad Teacher is a school comedy with a twist.

Stake Land
With a storyline vaguely reminiscent of the brilliant Zombieland, Stake Land follows teenage Martin as he tries to survive a vampire epidemic.

The Beaver
Mel Gibson’s oddly-named The Beaver is finally released this week. Following a man’s dependancy on a beaver puppet (yes, really), The Beaver has already caused a stir…

Life in a Day
Testament to the sensation that is Youtube, Life in a Day is a film made up by hundreds of people’s videos, each filmed on 24th July 2010. Innovative and eye-opening, Life in a Day captures a moment in time, a perfect time capsule for generations to come.


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