New Harry Potter Banners!

Warner Bros. release shiny new HP pictures...

In the run-up to one of the biggest releases of the year, Warner Bros. are teasing Harry Potter fans with a parade of fascinating promotional posters and banners.

The newest offerings are darker than ever before. With heavy use of tonal detail as well as splashes of vivid colour they nod toward the explosive finale that’s steadily approaching. Here’s our favourites from the latest onslaught…

The first shows Harry zapping a curse. Visibly using all of his might and energy, his beloved Hogwarts lays in ruins behind him. All is at stake and Daniel Radcliffe is visibly giving his all.

Next up is Professor McGonagall. Finally getting a much-deserved poster, Maggie Smith’s dependable pillar of education stands surrounded by what we assume are Hogwarts’s statues, cementing her loyalty to the school. With her usual tight bun in disarray, she appears to be in mid-fight, the red splattering at the forefront of the picture, mirrored in the other posters, eerily mimicking blood.

Other than that surrounding the fate of Harry, the biggest question left to be resolved surrounds that of Snape’s allegiences. Is he really Voldemort’s go-to man? Was he working for the Order all along? All will be revealed… could it be telling that a Gryffindor scarf lay in the background?

The dependable Weasley twins fight, as with everything, together. We still can’t tell which one is which (the tell-tale missing ear isn’t shown here) but they appear valiant… and we’re pretty sure we can see a trace of a smirk on their faces.

Helena Bonham Carter’s promotional posters as Bellatrix Lestrange have perhaps been the best of the bunch. Perfectly capturing Bellatrix’s psychotic behaviour, she sends shivers down our spines in this picture. The menace conveyed is not only spooky but makes us fear for our favourite characters…

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