The best releases of the next six months…

The 15 films we're most looking forward to!!

We may already be half way through 2011 but we’ve still got some cracking cinema releases to look forward to. Having been wowed by Colin Firth’s King George VI, horrified by James Franco’s Aaron Ralston and taken back to the 60’s with Matthew Vaughn’s X Men: First Class, what can we expect from the next six months? Here’s our top fifteen films to look our for…

Green Lantern (17th June)
Ryan Reynolds dons a super tight green superhero outfit as he becomes a green lantern. After meeting a dying alien test pilot Hal Jordan (Reynolds) is given a life-changing ring that grants him admission to an intergalatic squadron intent on maintaining peace in the universe. Although comic book fans aren’t happy that Reynolds is embodying two comic book characters (he appeared as Deadpool in Wolverine), this is sure to please blockbuster fans.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (3D) (29th June)
Michael Bay completes the Transformers trilogy with Dark of the Moon. Facing the task of appeasing critics after Transformers 2 failed to please critics, the story follows the Autobots as they attempt to reach a Cybertronian spacecraft on the moon before the Decepitcons do. Shia LeBeouf returns as Sam Witwicky but Megan Fox is replaced with Rose Huntington-Whiteley.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (3D) (15th July)
One of the world’s best loved film franchises draws to a close this July. Having watched as Daniel Radcliffe grew from being the Boy Who Lived to the boy who must kill or be killed, audiences are sure to be given a finale of epic proportions. Those who have read the book will already know what’s in store for the boy wizard but they can only speculate as to how it will play out on screen. Prepare for deaths, loss and a fitting end to the Harry Potter phenomenon.

Captain America: The First Avenger (29th July)
Chris Evans (him from Fantastic Four, not the bespectacled DJ) carries the Avengers torch in Captain America. Catapulting us back to the early twentieth century the film follows the development of Captain America, a superhero intent on protecting his country. With Marvel gearing up for an Avengers movie (seeing all Avengers united) Captain America is sure to be a hit on its release.

Super 8 (5th August)
J. J. Abrams bucks the adaptation / remake trend with Super 8. Set in the late 1970’s it follows a group of children as they accidentally uncover a creepy phenomenon in their town. With Spielberg in the producing chair, Super 8 promises to go back to 80’s form and provide an absorbing tale of mystery.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (12 August)
Danny Boyle favourites James Franco and Freida Pinto unite in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Charting the origins of what would become the other Planet of the Apes films, the film focuses on Frano’s Will Rodman, his genetic tests and ultimately the war between man and ape. Tom Felton, Harry Potter’s Malfoy, co-stars.

Cowboys and Aliens (19th August)
Jon Favreau brings an epic fight between cowboys and aliens to cinema screens this summer. Featuring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford (cue Bond vs. Indy quips), many have commented on how the wild west – space story hasn’t been explored before. To this we reply; hasn’t anyone seen Toy Story?

Fright Night (2nd September)
The 1985 vampire classic is remade. Starring Colin Farrell as vamp Jerry and Anton Yelchin as suspecting Charley it treads the same path as its predecessor. With Charley suspecting Jerry to be a vampire he must choose between fight and flight if he is to survive. The trailer looks pretty good, we just hope it lives up to its original!

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (16th September)
Colin Firth, Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman co-star in this Cold War thriller. When George Smiley (Oldman) comes out of retirement to help uncover a soviet spy within MI6 he’s sure to uncover a myriad of problems.

Lion King (3D) (14th October)
Lion King, Disney’s 1994 animation loosely reminiscent of Shakespeare’s Hamlet follows young cub Simba as he grows up. When he mistakenly believes he is the cause of his father’s death he runs away and befriends Timone and Pumba. Years later childhood friend (and future wife) Nala appears and tells him of the horrible regime implemented by the evil Scar. Simba returns to restore the peace and the circle of life continues. Set for re-release in glorious 3D Disney fans are sure to flock to cinemas this October.

The Thing (14th October)
80’s films aren’t safe from the grubby hands of Hollywood’s remake committee and October offers a double whammy of remake goodness (or badness… time will tell). First up is a remake of The Thing. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, replacing Kurt Russell, heads an Antarctic investigation team who come across an alien who has the power to not only end their mission but their lives, too.

Footloose (14th October)
Director Craig Brewer brings us the second 80’s remake of the month in Footloose. Not much is known about how different the story will be but Dennis Quaid is set to replace John Lithgow as the conservative Reverend with a dislike for dancing.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn (18th November)
Vamp Edward, human Bella, werewolf Jacob and co. are back for a fourth instalment of the Twilight franchise. Seeing Edward and Bella finally marry, the film follows them as they enjoy a romantic honeymoon which ends abruptly when Bella realises she’s pregnant…

Puss in Boots (3D) (9th December)
The second best of Shrek’s sidekicks (come on, Donkey has got to be everyone’s favourite, right?) gets his own movie. The film follows the titular Puss in Boots, voiced again be Antonio Banderas, and his exploits before he meets Shrek and co.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (26th December)
Boxing day sees the unleashing of the American remake of the already hugely successful The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Daniel Craig stars opposite Rooney Mara (who replaces Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth). With a trailer (featuring Karen O’s version of Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song) already doing the rounds, hype is sure to reach boiling point by Christmas.

The Muppets (17th February 2012)
Okay, it’s not technically released within the next six months but America gets to see it a whole three months before we in the UK do which is totally unfair. Plus the trailer is too good to not include here, so you’ll forgive us for sneaking in a sixteenth entry, right? Anyway, Jason Segel is bringing back the muppets to our screens!! Yay!

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