Indiana Jones 5 “will be coming”

It’s been nearly eight years since The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull didn't exactly impress, but it sounds like we haven't seen the last of Indy!

CEO and Chairman of Walt Disney Robert Iger confirmed that there are plans for a fifth Indiana Jones movie, which he has stated “will be coming”.

After the slightly underwhelming fourth film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (2008), there were suggestions that the franchise should be wrapped up. However, perhaps due to the recent success of another rejuvenated film franchise, it seems the gears have started turning again for Indiana Jones.

There is no word as yet as to whether Harrison Ford will be returning to the lead role. At 73, Ford might not fancy rolling around in the crypts cracking his whip and barrel-rolling under booby traps all day. But seeing as he won’t be playing Han Solo again – until he comes back as ‘force ghost’ which seems to be pretty obligatory – Ford may have more time on his hands. (Oh spoiler! Apologies to those who haven’t seen Star Wars yet, all two of you). Plus he has already proved in The Force Awakens that he can keep-up with the younger crowd.

Director Steven Spielberg has stated to Screen Daily, “I don’t think anyone could replace Harrison as Indy, I don’t think that is ever going to happen.” But the infamous director is keen to keep the Indiana Jones films going, as he believes ‘there are more adventures out there’. Perhaps Shia LaBeouf will take time out of his busy schedule watching his own films to play Indy’s son again and Indy will pull off a Sean Connery-style father-mentor role, circa Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade.

But if not Ford, who?  There seems to be a lot of excitement surrounding the idea that Chris Pratt may fit the role. Mostly from hopeful teenage girls in the comments section of news articles, but excitement nonetheless. Pratt would certainly be one of the more obvious choices as someone who could emulate Indy’s heroic yet playful nature. Bradley Cooper has also been previously rumoured as a contender – which I could only imagine would be a small disaster. But, as Spielberg says, I don’t think anyone can fully replace Ford as Indy.

All we know is there is supposedly a new Indiana Jones coming in the future and, if they want to cash in on the buzz around rebooted franchises, we may not have to wait long.

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  • Truthfully...there is no one who could replace Ford as Indy. Kingdom Skull wasn't great (but it certainly wasn't horrendous) so maybe a fifth film to wrap up the series might work...needs to be done now though!!

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