The Hangover: Part II (2011) – Review

The Wolfpack is back for another hangover...

Who would have predicted The Hangover, when released in 2009, would such a hit? What do studios do when they have a hit on their hands? Do a sequel of course.

All the gang are back together for another nightmare of a hangover except this time the team have moved the action to Thailand for Stu’s wedding. Having regretted what happened last time they had a bachelor party, Stu decides he just wants a breakfast brunch with the guys and nothing more. All would be well except after a little convincing the gang are toasting some beers by a beach fire…

All of a sudden they are back where they were two years ago not remembering what happened and wondering whether Alan had given them roofies again. Ed Helms is still on wonderful form as Stu, who gets into more extreme circumstances than just marrying a stripper in Vegas. Phil (Bradley Cooper) is still the looks of the pack and, despite not having the funniest lines, he brings the right balance to it all whilst Alan (Zach Galifianakis on the same annoying form as Due Date) seems to have become even more stranger.

The Hangover: Part II has its funny moments and the comedy has pushed its boundaries since the first but its lost its winning originality. The team have kept the exact same concept and have opted to merely change the setting. The opening scene, the phone call to Tracey and the missing person all echo the first hangover they endured and, instead of a tiger, they find themselves this time facing a troublesome monkey. What The Hangover: Part II lacks in originality it tries its best to balance it in humour, however you can’t help feeling the magic just isn’t there this time.

Best performance: Crystal the Monkey.
Best line: Alan – ‘This is not Stu’s first marriage
There was a whore in Las Vegas a couple of years… ‘.
Best scene: The chase with Chow driving the Car.

 Mel Gibson was originally meant to play the tattoo artist but was then replaced with Liam Neeson due to his current negative publicity, however Liam was then later replaced due to scheduling conflicts.

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