Volkswagen’s ‘Dieselgate’ is Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest vehicle

Leo's quest for an Oscar is taking a strange turn...

Ever looked at a news story and thought, ‘that would make an epic film?’ Well, apparently Leonardo DiCaprio has done just that…with the VW diesel scandal. That’s right, Leo and his team have reportedly bought the rights on a non-yet-written book…about some naughty car software.

This isn’t the first time DiCaprio has been involved with films based on real-life events. For example, Catch Me If You Can and, oh, there is that small film Titantic you may have seen him in. But will the Dieselgate scandal measure up to these in terms of excitement? Tricky one. On the one hand you have the escaped criminal running from the law and a huge sinking ship with thousands of people on board, and on the other…car software.

There is only speculation as to whether DiCaprio will actually star in the film himself or solely produce. After Django Unchained, Wolf of Wall Street and others he is certainly seasoned at playing super-rich baddies. Who knows, this may even be the film he finally gets his Oscar for! All I know is if Leo isn’t actually in it, you will quite literally have to attach my hair to a herd of stampeding elephants in order to drag me to the cinema to watch it.

Perhaps I will be wrong and it won’t be hideously boring. After all, there have been worse concepts on paper which actually made excellent films (how is Phone Booth so gripping? How?!). Yet, something tells me trying to build tension around a car-test may be near impossible.

This will all be in the far-off future of course, as Jack Ewing is yet to publish the book the film is based on, Too Big To Fall. Which also makes me question how much thought could have gone into this decision when they may not have even read the book yet. Clearly Leo and his people have faith that this will work – but the question stands: does exciting news necessarily make an exciting film?

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  • Strange one this...especially so soon after the scandal. But, who knows, it could be masterpiece!! And no, I have no idea how Phone Booth is so gripping...

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