News and Rumours Round-Up (29/05/11)

This week's best movie news!

This week in the world of movies…

  • Another week and another Total Recall reboot rumour… this time the news is good. Bill Nighy, star of Pirates of the Caribbean, Love Actually and Shaun of the Dead, will star as rebel leader Quatto. We just wonder who play the taxi driver…
  • Stephen King’s Dark Tower seriesis set to become a movie trilogy. Fans may have to wait a little longer than the proposed May 2013 release thanks to numerous delays. Ron Howard is set to direct.
  • More reboot news… this time in the form of the Little Mermaid. Hoping to give the story a darker twist that is more in line with the original story, the remake will have to decide whether it will be faithful to the original fatal ending.
  • Matt Reeves (director of Let Me In) has been attached to a Frankenstein prequel project. Entitled This Dark Endeavour, the story will revolve around a young Frankenstein and his brother.
  • Twilight fans rejoice… despite its November release date a teaser poster for the film has been released. The first trailer is set to air 5th June.

And lastly to our favourite trailer of the week…


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