Is a remake of Billy Elliot on the cards?

Can we expect the young ballet star to make a comeback on the big screen?

Billy Elliot was a touching movie about an 11-year-old boy named Elliot (Jamie Bell) who comes from a mining community and finds himself torn between his family and his love of ballet dancing when he uncovers his passion for the art. The tale hit our screens in 2000 and was incredibly successful, being nominated for three Oscars and winning an incredible amount of awards. This film inspired many and birthed a spin-off series as well as catching the eye of Sir Elton John, who turned the flick into a musical for theatres. Is it time to renew our love for the dancing boy? There is talk of a remake of Billy Elliot on the cards. This time with a difference, however, as it will be based on the musical version composed by Sir Elton.

He revealed an interest in making his stage version, Billy Elliot The Musical, into a movie when he spoke at the theatre show’s 10th anniversary performance, which took place at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London just days ago. The birthday event’s performance features six past and present Billy actors, with a large amount of other former cast members in attendance. While celebrating, Elton told the BBC: “It would be lovely to do a film version. There are other songs that we had to leave out of the musical that would be great in the film.” A movie may prove to be a new and exciting adventure with endless possibilities for the music star which he expressed when speaking further: “You can only do so much on stage with the material you’ve got and the length of the show, so I think if one did a movie of this show it would be nice to change some things and maybe put something fresh in.”

He also joked with members of the Beeb that he could possibly make a cameo appearance in the movie as the kooky grandmother. Lee Hall and Stephen Daldry confided in their belief that the movie is now more current than ever, especially after the events of the latest General Election, which makes it a perfect time for a remake or a comeback for the film. Daldry was heard stating: “It’s more relevant today than it ever was. The story about a community in crisis and inequality and the idea of grace is one of the things we all have to embrace.”

Billy Elliot The Musical, created with the movie’s original team of Daldry and Hall, premiered in 2005 in London’s West End and has since won four Laurence Olivier Awards. The show’s running has recently been extended until December 2016. Other versions of the musical have been performed internationally, including a Broadway production in 2008 which ran until 2012 and achieved 10 Tony Awards.

While Sir Elton made clear his interest in making the hit musical into a movie, he also hinted that he had ‘just written’ another musical, although he decided against disclosing anything further.

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